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Subject: Brian Campbell has resigned as co-chair

Brian Campbell has announced that he is resigning as co-chair of the SSTC for personal reasons. I thank Brian for his hard work in the time he has been my co-chair.

Although I am willing to take up the slack for a while, I would very much prefer to have a co-chair, primarily to have greater flexibility when I am not available for the call.

I therefore ask for nominations for co-chair of the sstc. You can nominate yourself. If you nominate someone, they have to say they agree.

If no one objects, I propose we accept nominations on the list and during the next call and ask Mary to conduct an electronic ballot after that.

I encourage anyone to volunteer. There is some professional visibility involved and the time commitment is not major. Certainly it is a lot less work than being an author or major contributor to documents. If anyone is interested, but wants more information about what is involved, feel free to contact me.


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