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Subject: Drafts for review: Kerberos & SAML profiles

Please find attached three draft profiles.

  - Kerberos Attribute Profile 00: defines an attribute profile of  

  - Kerberos Attribute Query Profile 06: defines how a SAML requestor  
can obtain a SAML attribute, that contains a Kerberos ticket, from a  
SAML attribute authority.

  - Kerberos Holder-of-Key Assertion Profile 02: defines how to  
confirm an attesting entity using Kerberos.

These documents are relatively early drafts. Once confidence in the  
approach of these three documents has been established, my intent is  
to compose these using a fourth Web SSO Profile. This will define how  
to do these things within the context of Web SSO. This document will  
be more complex than the other three, and so I'm holding back until  
I'm certain that those are done.

I have requested a slot on the agenda of the next conference call (30  
June) to discuss these documents. Your comments, either via email or  
at the conference call, would be greatly appreciated.

best regards, josh.

Kerberos Attribute Profile 00.odt

Kerberos Attribute Query Profile 06.odt

Kerberos HoK Assertion Profile 02.odt

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