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Subject: RE: [security-services] disposition of the HoK profiles

Tom Scavo wrote on 2009-07-05:
> I could be missing something, I suppose, but I don't see how we could
> get into trouble by pushing both HoK profiles to CS at the same time.

I'm not saying it's "trouble", I'm just suggesting some care be taken to
avoid changing the profile post-CS-01 in a way that ends up breaking
compatibility with CS-01, such that an implementation of post-CS-01 has to
somehow operate in two modes. And to do that would require some kind of
signal or knowledge about which mode to operate in.

To put it another way, the HoK language is trying to constrain what you do
when you create or process a particular confirmation method. If you turn
around and somehow change that behavior, then how do I know what to do for
that method?

(Obviously this has always been an issue with profiling HoK, and I suppose
I've never been quite sure why one wouldn't just define new confirmation
methods that have *precise* definitions instead of defining everything in
profiles underneath a common method.)

As a "spec matter", what you're saying is totally correct, I'm not arguing
over that. Just thinking about the implementation implications when you try
and reuse code.

-- Scott

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