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Subject: SAML XML.org Progress Report

SAML TC members:
Since we officially launched SAML XML.org in June 2008, the site has grown
to almost 200 pages and now averages 163,161 hits per month. A traffic
report with more details is attached for your review.

Please take a moment to review the web site (http://saml.xml.org) and
confirm that your company's product or service listing is up-to-date. Be
sure your company's marketing rep is using the site to promote your
SAML-related events, news, and resources. 

I ask that you also consider becoming a sponsor of SAML XML.org. Sponsors
receive their linked logos at the top of *all* pages in the site. They also
receive a link to a SAML informational resource of their choice (white
paper, webinar, etc.) Most importantly, site sponsors make it possible for
OASIS to continue to provide this informational resource to the SAML
community and promote adoption of the standard and demand for SAML-compliant
products. For an annual cost of $6,000, SAML XML.org sponsorship is a
low-cost, high-visibility way to receive recognition for your leadership and
support for SAML.

Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the site over the past
year and special thanks to Ping Identity and Sun Microsystems, whose
sponsorship helped launch this resource.  

Best regards,

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209


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