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Subject: Re: [security-services] question on IdP Discovery - SAML IOP event

since the goal is merely to obtain the cookie from within that DNS  
realm, how implementations accomplish this is not specified.  There  
are many ways by which a federation may choose to specify this, which  
may result in a federation interop specification, but ned not be (IMV)  
tested in SAML-IOP


On Jul 23, 2009, at 11:33 PM, Scott Cantor wrote:

> Kyle Meadors wrote on 2009-07-23:
>> Basically needing the common domain to establish their local SSO  
>> session.
>> Some others in the test group feel this is not normative and no one  
>> else
>> needs this domain change for IdP Discovery. Would this be  
>> permissible or
>> unnecessary? Thanks.
> Seems counter to the point of the common domain to me, but I'm no  
> expert on
> that method. It's certainly not assumed by the profile, but it's not  
> obvious
> to me that it's precluded either.
> Since the whole idea is that the DNS entries point to systems  
> controlled by
> the federation endpoints, seems like it's pretty open to  
> interpretation how
> much of the software has to be hosted at those endpoints.
> -- Scott
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