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Subject: Re: [security-services] Call for a volunteer: Missing CS Versionof Text-based Challenge Response

  I think I can help out.


Harold Lockhart wrote:
> In the process of reviewing the work done in the TC since 2.0, I noticed that while the Text-Based
> Challenge/Response Token Authentication Context Class spec was voted to CS on May 23, 2007, only the CD form is in the repository. (I am sure others were aware of this, but it had escaped my notice.)
> Since the editors of this spec are no longer active in the TC, I am asking if there is a volunteer who could create a committee specification form of this document. Although the spec does not meet current TC Process rules, it is grandfathered, so the content does not need to be (and in fact cannot be) modified. Only the header and date need to be fixed.
> Is there anyone who has time to do this?
> Hal

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