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Subject: Proposing to resolve outstanding PEs

I think we're planning to try to "catch up" and update the approved errata
draft and revote it to CD and PR on the next SSTC call. With the chairs'
encouragement, my proposal is to try and ask for any objections on the list
to my proposed resolutions, and upload new WDs of the errata and approved
errata documents before the next call.

(I also will have the new redline specs ready to upload, since we took so
long to get this worked out.)

There are 3 outstanding PEs that I want to close for this draft: 81,82,83

I uploaded them in draft 50 here:

All of them should be straightforward, and I am proposing to close them by
accepting my proposed changes. Please review draft-50 above and note any
concerns on the list.

If I don't hear any objections, I'll upload new drafts closing those PEs
next week. These are just working drafts, so they don't have official
standing anyway and can be revised later.

PE80 is a bit more messy. The fix is simple, but the errata is to the MIME
type application we have embedded in the metadata spec. I think it may have
been a mistake originally to try and embed those, but regardless I think
we'd have to actually resubmit an updated application to get the MIME type
definition altered.

I think we should discuss on the call, and I'm actually of the opinion that
we may want to actually use the errata process to *remove* those MIME type
details from the specs to decouple them.

-- Scott

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