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Subject: RE: [security-services] work product review

>   That said, as long as the schema was included in one way or another and
> isn't a new addition, I have no problem with it.

Nothing new. Thanks. The only change from CD-01 is a bunch of intro text
plus these editorial changes.

> You might want to change
> the reference inside the schema so it points at the docs.oasis-open.or
> location rather than just a very user-unfriendly Kavi directory
> get a very different view of Kavi docs than members - no directories, and
> apparent sequencing).

It's always been to the docs location, all my references are done that way
now. I've corrected the OASIS ones to use the form you provided.

Since this is an internal reference to another part of the submission
package, I'm assuming this doesn't fall under the "designated cross
reference" rule and need to be specially handled.

>   I strongly suggest that at least the Chairs/Secretaries pay attention to
> Public Review announcements on behalf of your TC - while I like to think
> perfect, I know that mistakes happen. If we catch it right away we can
> rectify it. I try to always send a copy of the PR notice to the TC list as
> well as to the members and tc-announce lists to make sure it doesn't get
> lost in inboxes.

I'll monitor anything I'm editing in the future.

I'll upload the corrected drafts later this morning.

-- Scott

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