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Subject: Active Identity Client session at IIW

At last week's IIW RL Bob and I attended a session on opportunities & 
issues for an 'Active Identity Client' (notes at [1])

It seems that Microsoft's demonstration of a selector for OpenID 
prompted the session.

Although the focus of the discussion was on near term specification & 
development targeted for OpenID, it was a stated goal that such a 
selector would eventually support multiple protocols - SAML noted as one 
of them.

 From the notes

"The ultimate goal of this discussion is a document that would propose 
best practices for supporting AICs, including extensions to existing 
standards (in partnership with the relevant working groups)."

If our community deems support for SAML in such a client relevant, it 
may behoove us to follow & track the activity, to ensure that near-term 
specifications don't preclude SAML down the road.

If we deem it particularly important, we could push back on the 
exclusive initial focus on OpenID....


[1] - http://iiw.idcommons.net/Active_Client_iiw9

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