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Subject: RE: [security-services] Re: IANA MIME Type change process

=JeffH wrote on 2009-11-17:
>>  It may be simpler to leave it
> by this you mean to leave undisturbed the "Appendix A.Registration of MIME
> media type application/samlmetadata+xml" in saml-metadata-2.0-os, as well
> the IANA registration (of which the former is a copy), yes?

Not much point in striking the appendix if we're not touching it, but it's
not important either way. The IANA reg is a stand-alone thing and we can
update that without affecting the OASIS portion. IOW, formally speaking,
those MIME types are not part of SAML 2.0. At least that's the implication
of the feedback we got.

>> ... and add an errata in
>> the metadata exchange section...
>  i.e. in Chapter 4 "Metadata Publication and Resolution" in
> saml-metadata- 2.0-os

I assume so, I didn't go looking for the particular section. It's the only
part that references the MIME type, AFAIK.

>>  that notes the mistake and suggests that
>> people SHOULD NOT pass around AffiliationDescriptor-rooted documents.
>  yeah, that might be "easier" than registering a new MIME media type (of
> "application/samlmetadata+xmlv2", say). If there are not many
> AffiliationDescriptor-rooted metadata documents in the wild, then it may
> work out fine.

There's essentially no use of that stuff AFAIK, but I do have code deployed
that produces that MIME type and don't really want to see the type name

-- Scott

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