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Subject: Draft Minutes, SSTC Conference Call 15 December 2009

Minutes SSTC Conference Call
Tuesday 15 December, 2009, 12:00pm ET

1. Roll Call &  Agenda Review

Quorum achieved

2. Need a volunteer to take minutes

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia, took minutes.

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting (1 Dec, 2009):
(Contains Roll Call)

MOTION: Approve minutes from 1 December 2009

Minutes approved by unanimous consent (Bob Morgan moved, John seconded)

4.   progress update on current work-items:

   (a) Current electronic ballots: None open.

Thinh Nguyenphu from NSN introduced Attribute Management Protocol  
proposal sent to the list, see


Oracle may provide additional comment and NSN may make additional  

He requested review of the document.  There were no questions on the  

   (b) Status/notes regarding past ballots:

        (i) SAML V2.0 Holder-of-Key Web Browser SSO Profile Version  
1.0 as a CS
            SAML V2.0 Holder-of-Key Assertion Profile Version 1.0
              - AI: Chairs to request ballot to make into CS status.
              - Status: DONE. [Waiting for Mary]

Tom Scavo provided an update. No longer waiting on TC Admin, need to  
make some minor revisions to documents based on TC Admin review.  All  
changes have been completed apart from removing line numbers in the  
footer. Scott Cantor offered to take a look.

   (c) sstc-saml-approved-errata-2.0-draft-49:
              - AI: produce new Errata doc, with relevant text moved  
to Appendix [DONE]
              - AI: none.

Scott Cantor noted new action on himself to produce red-lined "OASIS  
Standard incorporating approved errata" that can then be  published.  
No vote required.

   (d) Progress on getting Jira instance for SSTC:
              - AI: chairs to get accounts on JIRA. [DONE]
              - AI: none.

Scott Cantor notes that people cannot close their own issues. Hal  
Lockhart added Scott Cantor to Editor list so Scott will try again.  
Hal and Scott will resolve offline with Mary McRae if necessary.

   (e) Kerberos related items. [Josh/Thomas]
         - AI: Josh/Thomas to upload CD version in three formats. [DONE]
         - AI: Propose to start 60-day review.

Nothing new to report from Josh.  Would like to bring to review in  
conjunction with LOA review. Have decided to go out with this version,  
that was voted a month or so ago.

   (f) Expressing Identity Assurance profile for SAML2.0 (LOA)
        - AI: Produce CD version of Identity Assurance profile and  
update the wiki. [Bob]
        - Status: DONE.
        - AI:  Propose to start 60-day review. From 12/1/2009 call,  
the group decided to wait until 12/15/2009 meeting before emailing TC/ 
        - AI: Bob to create .html version and update wiki.

This has already been voted to CD and action has been completed.

MOTION: bring Kerberos Attribute Profile and the Kerberos Subject  
Confirmation CDs  and the LOA document to 60 day public review (Hal  
moved, Bob seconds)

Motion passed by unanimous consent.

ACTION: Thomas to arrange public review with TC Admin.

   (g) Delegation Condition Extension Profile (Scott)
        - Status: Passed as CS. Updated versions posted.
        - AI: none

No more discussion needed, remove from subsequent agendas.

   (h) CS version of Text-based Challenge/Response profile.
        - AI: Anil to upload CS version of text (ODT, PDF, HTML  
formats). [DONE]
        - AI: Chairs to notify Mary to publish (as the CS Ballot was  
already done in April 2009). [DONE]
        - Status: Contacted Mary, but she cannot find entry in April  
minutes about the vote.

Issue might be that ballots need to be electronic and that this vote  
occurred earlier to that rule in effect.
Hal suggests fixing date and conferring with Mary.

ACTION: Hal and Thomas to discuss issue with Mary.

5. New work items: none.

Hal put summaries of documents into wiki. He recommends that editors  
put summaries of new documents into the wiki, especially CDs.

Scott notes that documents have line numbers in footers. If anyone  
knows how to remove line numbers from footnotes in Open Office please  
let TC know.

No other new topics to discuss.

6. Assorted threads on saml-dev/comment list:

No new discussions.

7. Next Call: Tuesday January 12, 2010. Happy Holidays!

Meeting Adjourned.

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