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Subject: RE: [security-services] proposed errata: invalid nameid-format identifier

robert.philpott@rsa.com wrote on 2009-12-23:
> IMO, these 2 references should be changed from "2.0" to "1.1".

The history on this is messy, but I think the situation as is follows:

- the approved errata document contains a closed E15 that has the final text
suggested by Thomas W. and contains the proper identifier (the 1.1 value)

- the draft errata document is out of sync and still shows E15 as Reopened

- the non-normative diffs (which we have not yet provided to OASIS as
"standard incorporating errata) has an error dating to when Eve prepared
them and contains the wrong identifier, but seems to have text matching the
final approved E15

Therefore, I would propose:

- correcting the redline specs as part of getting them published by OASIS as
agreed on the last call

- issuing a final draft-errata document with the corrected closure of E15
before moving PE management into Jira

I don't think a new errata is needed. What do you think?

-- Scott

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