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Subject: Minutes for SSTC Conference Call (January 26, 2010)

Title: Minutes for SSTC Conference Call (January 26, 2010)
Minutes of SSTC Conference Call
Tuesday 26 January 2010, 12:00pm ET


1. Roll Call & Agenda Review

Quorum achieved.

2. Need a volunteer to take minutes

Kent Spaulding volunteered.

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting (12 january, 2010):


Delayed until next meeting.

4. AIs & progress update on current work-items:

  (a) Current electronic ballots: None open.

Hal and Tom Scavo:  HoK Assertion Profile just completed.  Web-Browser SSO not-completed.

AI: Hal to talk to Mary.

 (b) Status/notes regarding past ballots: (none)

  (c) SAML V2.0 Holder-of-Key Web Browser SSO Profile Version 1.0 as a CS
           SAML V2.0 Holder-of-Key Assertion Profile Version 1.0
        - Status: DONE. [Waiting for Mary]

  (d) Kerberos related items. [Josh/Thomas]
        - AI: Josh/Thomas to upload CD version in three formats. [DONE]
        - AI: Propose to start 60-day review. [DONE]
        - Status: Mary requests minor changes to doc formatting.

Hal: More edits pending.  Hal is now Oracle.  Minor fixes happening, Josh owns this.

  (e) Expressing Identity Assurance profile for SAML2.0 (LOA)
       - AI: Produce CD version of Identity Assurance profile and update the wiki. [Bob]
        - Status: Mary requests minor changes to doc formatting.

Bob Morgan has provided an updated version.
No need for a ballot yet.

  (f) CS version of Text-based Challenge/Response profile.
       - AI: Hal to work with Mary to resolve.

Hal: Right versions are straightened out.  CS versions from 2007 hadn’t made public/published.  Hal will request that they be published.

  (g) Errata doc:
       - Final approved errata doc not yet on website.
       - AI

ScottC: Document is on site now.  Will cleanup the one errata change from Rob... Name-format constant left in core...
Will send link on next call.

5. New work items: none.

6. Assorted threads on saml-dev/comment list:

Scott and Josh working on Kerberos extension specs as a working draft. Proposed to create a unified document and breakout a conformance profile(s).  PK and Kerberos conformance profiles...
Paul Madsen post about video conferencing...
Privacy Webinar coming soon, about creating a TC about Privacy.

7. Next Call: Tuesday Feb 9, 2010.

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