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Subject: Re: [security-services] Discovery hint

Scott wrote:
> BTW, it occurs to me that in fact the major advantage of doing a  
> higher
> level extension element is actually to change the hint extension  
> model from
> explicit XML to what you might call the "generic property" approach  
> that a
> lot of people favor.
> In other words, this:
> <Extensions>
> 	<krb:Hint>...</krb:Hint>
> 	<ip:Hint>...</ip:Hint>
> </Extensions>

FWIW, I finally opted for this model. However, SAML2Meta states that  
"Extension elements MUST be namespace-qualified by a non-SAML-defined  
namespace". How should I resolve this, given that the namespace for  
the discovery hint will be a SAML-defined namespace? Is it ok to make  
this element a child of <RoleDescriptor>?


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