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Subject: Presentation from SOA-TEL TC (April 20 SSTC Call - tentative)


The SOA-TEL TC has kindly requested the SSTC for a time slot to present to us some updates in their work.  Among others, they would like talk about their Telecom SOA Use Cases and Issues (CS) and their Telecom SOA Requirements (CD).

Since I believe this is very useful for the SSTC, I have tentatively promised them 45 minutes during our April 20th SSTC Call.

My two questions for the SSTC: 

(i) are there any objections to this presentation, and 
(ii) do we want to extend our SSTC call to 90 minutes on April 20th so that we can cover some SSTC items.

We can talk about this further at out next telecon.



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