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Subject: Fwd: Federated Authentication BOF at IETF 78


If you're planning on attending and/or have any questions or issues  
with the proposed WG charter,  I would love to hear from you.

On a related note, Scott Cantor and Klaas Wierenga are working on SAML  
SASL mechanisms (draft-cantor-ietf-sasl-saml-ec and draft-wierenga- 
ietf-sasl-saml) addressing some similar use-case; these mechanisms are  
also likely to be the subject of discussion at IETF.


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> Date: 21 June 2010 21:07:47 BST
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> Subject: FW: Federated Authentication BOF at IETF 78
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> Subject: Federated Authentication BOF at IETF 78
> Hi.  I'd like to announce that there will be a BOF on federated
> authentication beyond the web at IETF 78.  we'd like to form a working
> group to standardize protocols for federated access to applications  
> that
> are not browser based.  Targets include think client applications and
> some machine-to-machine authentication use cases.  At this point we  
> have
> not focused on requirements imposed by RAI applications.
> You can see draft specs at
> http://www.project-moonshot.org/specifications
> There is a BOF agenda at http://www.project-moonshot.org/bof/agenda
> We encourage you to join our mailing list, see
> http://jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?LIST=MOONSHOT-COMMUNITY .  To  
> the
> extent we're able we'd love to collect comments or things people will
> want to discuss at the BOF now.  Hopefully we can get as much as
> possible out of the way on the list and have a very productive  
> session!
> We hope to see you there.
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