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Subject: New scenario document


Please find attached a new revision to the Oracle/NSN add subject scenarios document.  

After some further discussion with some other interested parties, I have added a new solution option (a fourth) to the alternatives previously discussed. The ChangeNotifyRequest. 

It was brought to my attention that while somewhat heavier weight, a notify approach would have several key advantages:
1 Batch/Async processing
2 Data always pulled by recipient.
3 Leverages existing protocols (or even non-saml protocols) for all data transfers
4 No state issues

This method allows SAML end-points to notify each other about updates within the context of SAML without requiring knowledge of entity state. In the offline profile, though the mechanism of transfer is identified in the document as SAML, parties could elect to use another transfer mechanism (e.g. SPML, OpenID, etc) instead of SAML AttributeQuery. The idea is that the changeNotify might also work better in multi-protocol scenarios.




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