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Subject: Assurance profile and public comments

As people saw, I've uploaded Paul's new draft, after doing some editorial
work on it. The most significant change is that I redid the example schema,
which I think was incorrect.

In addition, I went wiki diving, and found the page I was thinking of that
Tom Scavo put together for responding to public comments the last time we
did a big batch of reviews.

I relinked it to the main page, and added a new one for the LOA profile
review that completed in June, linked to Martin Chapman's comments, and
attempted to respond to them. Primarily the response is "we redid the whole
section that was pseudo-normative, and tied things together better". They
were largely "I don't get it" comments, not technical ones.

The page is here:

I suggest we create a page like that for each PR we initiate so we have a
convenient place to collect any comments.

-- Scott

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