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Subject: R: [security-services] SOA-TEL Token Correlation Profile: signatureproblem

Hi Scott,
As you courteously informed me about, SAML is possibly going to be re-profiled, to support the new version of XML signature coming out.
When do you think this will happen? By the first quarter of the next year?
So, could be I informed if the group agrees to consider additional signature profiles that allows portions of the assertion to be excluded?

-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Scott Cantor [mailto:cantor.2@osu.edu]
Inviato: mercoledý 29 settembre 2010 16.32
A: Rossini Federico; security-services@lists.oasis-open.org
Oggetto: RE: [security-services] SOA-TEL Token Correlation Profile: signature problem

> The IDP signs SAML-Y by putting in the assertion, besides the <transform>
> element which excludes the signature itself, another  <transform> element
> exclude the <token-correlated> element.

Signed SAML assertions require a specific signature profile that does not
allow for arbitrary transforms. Your assertions would be rejected by any
correctly implemented off the shelf implementation unless a new profile was
developed, agreed to, and implemented.

Speaking for myself, I have some interest in a revised signature profile,
but it would be based on the eventual XML Signature 2.0 work.

> For the transform element management I refer to paragraph: "6.6.3 XPath
> Filtering" of "XML Signature Syntax and Processing" specification

Just FYI, the v1 XPath filter in XML Signature has been deprecated for years
in favor of the XPath2 Filter transform.

-- Scott

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