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Subject: CS motion for tomorrow's call

I'm preparing this in advance because of the (supposed) designated
cross-reference involved, so I can get all the details correct. According
to the TC guide, the information needed for the cross-reference is:

* the current name, version and revision number;
* the current URI;
* the expected approval status; and
* the expected approval date of the cross-referenced Work Product.

I'd like to ask for a vote to move CSD-02 of "SAML v2.0 Metadata Profile
for Algorithm Support Version 1.0" to Committee Specification. The last
public review ended a few weeks ago, and the comments received were
technically out of order, but were addressed here:


As a result, no changes from CSD-02 have been made.

Upon approval as CS, the following Designated Cross Reference is to be

Metadata Extension Schema for SAML V2.0 Metadata Profile for Algorithm
Support Version 1.0, currently CSD-02

It will be simultaneously voted to Committee Specification as part of the
same vote (it's an internal cross reference within the same candidate

I'd also like to discuss any "legal" ways we might avoid this in future
specs. It makes no sense to have to do this for every specification that
has a schema, and we've never done it before, so I can't imagine this
should be necessary now. Perhaps we can find an alternative way to achieve
the Normative Reference that elides the document's maturity level?

-- Scott

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