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Subject: Minutes for SSTC Call January 11, 2011

Meeting Notes: 


1. Attendance
<insert here>

Quorum achieved

2. Minutes:  Phil Hunt to take minutes.

3. Approval of minutes

Minutes from SSTC Call 14 December, 2010

Anil has sent an email with updated list of attendees.   Nate moved to approve the minutes. Hal seconded.  No objections, motion passed.

4. AIs & Progress Update on current work-items.

a/b. Thomas: No ballots open

c. Kerberos Attribute Profile
Thomas: Thomas did submit the CSD request to OASIS and you can see automatic responder. Hasn't heard anything from OASIS over the holiday season.  Robin is apparently acting as interim TC admin.

d. SAML V2 Metadata Profile
Scott, I think we need to request a ballot. Hal we need a simple majority.  Scott: the motion is in the email. We need a better way to deal with cross-referenced material in the futures (for the schema). Other than that, it should be a straight forward vote. There have been a couple of inquiries but no change to the document.

Scott: Motion to request the TC to create a CS (?) ballot.  Hal: seconded.  No objections. Motion passed.

Hal: we need clarification from the TC admin that the process is correct. Have not seen this type of complication before.  Scott:  What happened is the appear to have gotten strict about any changes to documents other than boilerplate.  If you have schema in a document and a separate schema file, the schema file always takes precedence.  We want to make sure the rules don't require designated cross-references within components of a single work package because of the unnecessary work that is created in the process. Scott took an action item to run this by the TC Admin.

Anil: should we include comments in a spreadsheet?  Scott: comments have been posted to the wiki. Hal believes comments just need to be linkable somewhere on OASIS.

e. Session Token Profile
Hal:  Posted an update yesterday (promised before xmas). No normative changes but added a complete token example.  Would like to go to CD ballot and public review on the next call.  Scott indicated he sent a number of comments last night..

f. Change Notify Protocol V1.0
Thomas:  as with Kerberos, we haven't heard back from OASIS due to Xmas.  Thinh/Phil: No updates.

g. Channel binding proposal 

Scott: No updates.

h. Metadata extension for Login/Discovery

Same situation, awaiting on OASIS.  Scott, no news.  You can track progress under jira (?).  Links should be visible to everyone.  Thomas to check.

i. No updates for Enhanced Client or Proxy Profile

j. Metadata Extensions for Document/Registration
Chad: 2nd working draft is out there.

6. Other Items
Thomas: Mary has decided to leave OASIS, Robin Cover has been appointed TC Admin in the interim.  What would you like to see  out of the new person?

Next call is 25 January.


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