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Subject: Re: [security-services] Request clarification on WP-abbrev for app

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 7:39 PM, Cantor, Scott E. <cantor.2@osu.edu> wrote:
>> 2. I would appreciate it if the SSTC meeting minutes would
>>    identify work titles by their real names, rather than
>>    by shorthand descriptors.
> For clarification, by "real names" and "descriptors", do you mean the spec
> title and the artifact name respectively, or something different?

Yikes, you've stumped me because I don't know what you mean by
"artifact name" [1].

What I mean by "title" is the identifier used as line #2 in each of
the 23 tuples I listed in my message
[3] ========== Most recent 23 specs (2008- )

WP-abbrev: sstc-saml-metadata-algsupport
*** -->>  SAML v2.0 Metadata Profile for Algorithm Support Version 1.0 <--***

What's stumped me several times is descriptive phrases like

* Channel binding proposal
*  NSN Attribute Management proposal
   [Vote to move the document to CDS status]

Thanks -rcc

[1] I think TC Process uses "name" and "title" as synonyms for a
Work Product (identifier)

In the world I come from, anything is a "document" (a dollar bill, a coin,
a paper business card, a .GIF image, etc).  Not sure what TC process
means in the single use of "artifact" unless it means an untitled
machine-readable file referenceable only by filename/URI or some
phrase "the XML schema for the Foo specification".

Nate: Robin had asked about which directories to use for new drafts,
and I told her that the Post-2.0 folder should be the main location.

>   (g) Channel binding proposal (Scott)
>       - Any updates?

> -- Scott

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