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Subject: Session Token Profile WD 07

I have posted a new working draft of the session token profile. This does not violate the TC process, the same draft remains under review, this is just a new working draft.

The review closes Sunday and no comments have been received since April 1. If there are additional comments which require changes, I will produce another working draft and give everyone two weeks to look at it. If as I suspect, there are no further comments requiring changes, on Tuesday I propose to vote WD 07 to CSD and 15 day public review limited in scope to the diffs.

The files include an updated Metadata Schema, the usual pdf, html and odt, plus an odt diff file.

The response to Paul has been posted to the comment and main list. The other two changes are the insertion of a missing "/" in the schema and the addition of the current voting members in the Acknowledgements.


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