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Subject: Re: [security-services] SAML Attribute Predicate Profile Update

On 6/28/11 11:55 AM, "Franz-Stefan Preiss" <FRP@zurich.ibm.com> wrote:
>The most noteworthy change is the insertion
>of Section 3 'Attribute Predicate Profile'.
>The existing content was moved to Section
>2 'Protocol' and Section 5 'Conformance' was updated.

Looks good. They're going to ding you on Conformance though unless you
point to specific document sections containing the normative material.

>I also reformatted the references according
>to the citation rules given in the original Template document sent by

Looks fine. You still need to add the voting member list into Appendix A,
and either fill in a document history or remove Appendix B.

I would also suggest adding a normative reference to the latest Approved
Errata. I think that's a good practice with newer specs.

>I'm still unsure whether, given the
>changes made, a Section 'Bindings' as done in Section 3 in the 'SAML V2.0
>Change Notify Protocol Version 1.0' [1], is needed in the document.

I don't think so.

-- Scott

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