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Subject: Re: Raw minutes for SSTC Telecon (28 June 2011)

Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, George.  Just one quick addition  
and one small correction:

> Scott has made some comments/updates. Changes made to
> -- clarified roles within the profile affected by the different  
> guidance
> -- mentioned potential usefulness of blocking unsolicited single  
> signon responses
> -- has not heard any comments from the paper authors

I'd like to get comments from the paper authors on the proposed errata  
before the SSTC votes on it.  Clearly, we don't have any control over  
this and we shouldn't introduce any unnecessary delays, but it would  
be nice for the sake of completeness.

> 5. Other items
> Scott posted a new working draft for the MDUI spec. A comment  
> received to add 'country'
> as a metadata element but through the official process. Unlikely to  
> approve as code
> has already shipped.

This comment was received through an *un*official process, and it  
would need to be received through the official process for IPR purposes.

Talk to you all on July 12,

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