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Subject: Draft Minutes SSTC Call September 6, 2011


3. Approval of minutes from last meetings:

    Minutes from SSTC Call on 23 August 2011 (including Hal's corrections):


    motion: Hal moved, Nate second
    motion passes: minutes adopted

4. AIs & progress update on current work-items:
   (c) Session Token Profile (Hal)
       - Status: Hal already submitted request for CSD and 15-day PR.
       - Status: In admin queue #634

     minutes: two requests: 632, 634 -- waiting for tc admin

   (d) Attribute Predicate Profile (Gregory/Franz-Stefan)
       - Status: WD03 approved on Aug 9 to be CSD and for 30-day PR.
       - AI: CSD and 30-day PR request submitted on 22 Aug:

    minutes: waiting for response from tc admin

   (e) Kerberos profiles [3] (Josh/Thomas)
       - Status: CS ballot approved on Aug/9 for 3 Kerberos docs.
       - Status: The 3 ballots passed.

     minutes: 3 ballots passed, Chad to prepare documents

   (f) Change Notify Protocol Version 1.0 (Thinh/Phil)
       - Status: 15 day CSD Public Review starts Aug/9 & closes Aug/24.
       - Status: any comments received?

         15 day CSD public review has closed
         Thomas posted "comment resolution log" since no comments were 
         Next stage is a ballot request
         Thinh made motion for TC to submit 'Change Notify Protocol 
Version 1.0' to Committee Specification Ballot
           Hal - second motion
         Motion passed to move CN to Committee Specification Ballot
         Action: Thinh to complete ballot specification request

   (g) Channel binding proposal (Scott)
       - Status: awaiting other items in other groups.
       - Any updates?

         Scott: no updates
         Update agenda to point to wiki page for t

   (h) Enhanced Client or Proxy Profile (Scott)
       - Status: WD02 uploaded last week.
       - Status: work waiting for items in IETF Kitten WG.
       - Any updates?

         Kitten working draft was updated  in the IETF to keep it from 
         Not planning to put any of this through specification until 
there is implementation experience

   (i) Metadata Extensions for Documentation/Registration (Chad)
       - Status: WD07 approved on Aug 9 to be CSD02 and for 15-day PR.
       - Status: Chad submitted 15-day PR request on Aug/9.
       - Status: In admin queue #624 and #625

         Chad sent email that there are no updates
         Instead, Nate gave brief overview of Stork project in Europe

       Stork project in Europe

         Nate -
           interop between citizen and government
           standardizing some profiles of SAML2
           2nd version of the project coming out
           unsure of how stork 1 work items related to stork 2 project
           asking for TC input on stork 1 work items

           Some Stork work items (e.g. deployment standards) may be best 
done in another body

           Nate proposing the SSTC appoint a liason to work with this 

         Hal - SSTC has at least one profile that is a deployment profile
           The Stork project could post something to the SSTC comment 
list at any time
           It's in the interest of the SSTC to see as many uses of SAML 
as possible

         Leif -
           Wants to avoid multiple similar profiles

         Nate -
           Exploring the best route of working together
           Have 1 or 2 technical contacts work with the Stork project
           Have not given the Stork project any next steps regard

         Thomas -
           Maybe the best way to get a review is to submit it to the SSTC

         Nate -
           Not entirely sure what the Stork project is looking for
           Would like to tell project that they can work with Leif
           Provide the Stork project with a number of options

         Leif -
           Be careful in working with the project
           Need to make sure that they understand that just because they 
submit something to the SSTC means that it will be standardized

         Nate -
           To contact the Stork project with the options available and 
appoint Leif as the technical contact
           Nate to send message to Stork project this week

   (j) Errata document (Scott):
       - PE-13 and 14:

       No new updates; no more items

   (k) Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User (MDUI) (Scott)
       - Status: WD09 approved on Aug 9 to be CSD01 and for 30-day PR.
       - AI: Scott submitted 30-day PR request on Aug/8.
       - Status: In admin queue #622.

       Awaiting TC admin

5. Assorted mail items:

6. Other items:
    - IIW in October

Hal - FICAM Project
- some of the documents appear to be in OASIS form
- has anyone heard anything about this (Bob Morgan has some knowledge)
- Bob believe that FICAM will publish these documents as profiles 
without going through OASIS
   - some relationship with eGov, Kantara, etc
   - some documents might go through Kantara
- if they want people to adopt, they should add at a minimum a copyright 
grant or something else that clearly states it free to use
- links are all on idmanagement.gov

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