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Subject: [security-services] Proposed Enhancement for Dynamic Attribute Queries

Another approach was defined by STORK in the extension element <stork:RequestedAttribute> to the AuthnRequest that could use the existing message type. (see Document D5.8.2b section 

What would be the benefit of a new message type? Wouldn't an extension of AuthnRequest be less invasive for existing IdPs?


Am 22.03.2012 um 00:56 schrieb David Chadwick:

Dear All

Over the years there have been several attempts at standardising an approach that combines the dynamic attribute query capabilities of the attribute request message with an authentication request, to allow SPs to dynamically request different sets of attributes along with an authentication assertion, in one combined message.

The attached is our latest attempt at this. It allows the SP to send its attribute request as a policy in either DNF or CNF. E.g. The SP might say "send me a visa attribute or an AMEX attribute or a Mastercard attribute" or "send me a credit card attribute or university faculty attribute" or "send me (surname, given name or family name) and postal address and optionally (home telephone number or mobile number or work number)"

We submit it to the group for your consideration.




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<SAML 2DynAttRq.pdf>
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