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Subject: Seeking your comments: Plan of work for SAML2.X revision (SAML2Revision)


As you may know, one of the big tasks for the SSTC this year is to
begin updating the core specs (and other related specs/documents).

To that end Scott Cantor on behalf of the SSTC has kindly setup a
wiki-page containing the tasks agreed so far by the SSTC, as well as
those needing consensus:


The first section ("Agreement") shows the items the SSTC has agreed

The second section ("Close to Consensus") are items that are nearing
group agreement and would like to finalize.

A such, we would like to request your input/comments/suggestions for
the items that are listed in the section titled "Close to Consensus",
as well as items under the "Discussion" section.

Please email your comments to the SSTC mailing-list so as to reach the
broad membership of the SSTC.


Thomas + Nate


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