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Subject: Re: [security-services] Groups - Draft Webinar on SAML 2.1 Plans uploaded

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Hal Lockhart <hal.lockhart@oracle.com> wrote:
> 1.      Should we try to characterize SAML deployments to date?

Yes.  I still get "does anyone really use this" questions despite us
(the shib folks) having literally tens of thousands of deployments
within HE, govt., healthcare, and finance.  As Scott and I have noted
internally to the project; we're awful at marketing but there actually
is some good data here if anyone could express it well.  But, see my
comments for #2

> 2.      Is there enough background for those not familiar with SAML?

I guess it depends on your audience.  If we're targeting people who
aren't familiar with SAML I'd say you're going to need way more than
the 20 minutes I've heard suggested.  I think, for this talk, I would
target people already familiar with the spec and then, if we choose,
have a follow on talk that is more for "noobs".

> 3.      Is there enough detail for those familiar with SAML?

Hard for me to judge.  I don't know what such people would really be
looking for.  I feel like slide 7 might be better off as two slides
with the names of the various profiles.  Those are usually fairly
self-descriptive (if one is familiar with SAML already).

Chad La Joie
trusted identities, delivered

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