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Subject: New work product requests submitted

Jira notifications may not be working at the moment, but I submitted work
product requests for all of the original standard documents:

Assertions and Protocols (saml-core-2.1)
Bindings (saml-bindings-2.1)
Profiles (saml-profiles-2.1)
Metadata (saml-metadata-2.1)
Authentication Context (saml-authn-context-2.1)
Conformance Requirements (saml-conformance-2.1)
Security and Privacy Requirements (saml-sec-consider-2.1)
Glossary (saml-glossary-2.1)

I don't know if that's going to be the final set we want, I'm guessing
maybe not, but I can start getting the material in order at least.

Does the new process allow us to have a separate Conformance document?

A couple of thoughts I had:

Glossary? How much work to put in? My big complaint was that we mostly
dropped it entirely before we ever finished 2.0 and I don't think it's in
very good shape. Not sure having a bad or incomplete glossary helps much.
My thinking is we should take out some of the more conceptual stuff in
there or attempts to define industry concepts and focus on defining *SAML*
terms that are in the other documents as much as possible.

Given actual use of Authn Context, are there aspects of that we should
deprecate? Move the LOA profile document into the AC spec?

How should Profiles really be organized? I noted a couple of ideas:

I'd like to move the confirmation method stuff into core because it seems
to me to be along the lines of the other identifier sections in core and
gets reused by various things.

I wonder if the attribute profile material might be put into a separate
document together with other post-2.0 work around attributes.

-- Scott

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