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Subject: Re: Starter Documents for SAML Version 2.1

On 9/14/12 1:10 PM, "Paul Knight" <paul.knight@oasis-open.org> wrote:
>I think it would be acceptable to renumber the Working Drafts before they
>are published as a Committee Specification Draft (CSD), but we wouldn't
>want to renumber after the initial publication.  Additional parts could
>be added (with incremental numbers),
> but it would be very problematic to alter the existing part numbers
>after publication.

I figured.

>It sounds as though we might want to at least modify the initial
>documents to use a two-digit numbering scheme (part01, part02, etc.).
>Please let me know if you want to do this.

I think that would be wise just in case if you want to use a fixed width
for the number.

>Renumbering is not very easy, since the Parts contain references to each
>other, as well as having metadata elements (document properties),
>footers, and front page formatting keyed to the Part number. It would be
>best to have it planned out as much as possible
> before going far...  I'll be happy to produce a different set of starter
>documents if needed.

Our problem is we aren't far enough into the process to know yet, and when
we did it originally, we didn't have numbered documents.

I don't mind having to adjust the metadata in the event I have to renumber.

Should I fill out a new ticket to request the two digit numbering or can
you take care of that?

>It's fine to have varying WD numbers submitted together, to be published
>as a single CSD with a common CSD number. It will be really important to
>get all the parts together into a single ZIP file (including all schemas,
>etc.) and have the TC vote on the
> ZIP file as a whole.

Yes, we did that originally, that's nothing new.

>You're welcome...  and I'll be happy to prepare a modified set if needed.


-- Scott

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