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Subject: SAML 2.1 Protocol Reorg Idea

Hey Guys,

So, this is much later than I had hoped but I wanted to float an idea for a potential re-org of the protocol-related bits of the SAML spec.  Let me preface this by noting that the overall goal is to collect related items into a single document, in particular various processing rules.

So, the proposal is that we take the existing  Core document, section 3, and existing Protocol document and slice them up into a set of documents focused on specific functions (e.g., SSO, Discovery, NameID stuff, queries, attributes).  I would recommend moving Confirmation Methods down into Section 3 of the Core document.

Let's pick on SSO as an example.  The idea would be to create an SSO Profile document that consisted of Core section3.4[1] and Profile sections 4.2 and 4.2[1].  Such a document, I think, would provide an implementer a more comprehensive view of what it takes to implement the SSO function.  A more detailed discussion on the use of metadata could also be added.  People wishing to extend or reuse the SSO protocol, or its elements, can continue to do so but will point to this document instead of the core and protocol documents.

Let me know what you guys think.  As someone who can still remember the first time I faced the stack of documents that make up the SAML universe, I think a more functional-focused set of documents is something that would have helped me a lot.

[1] And possibly Core section 3.7 and Profile section 4.4 depending on whether you believe SLO belongs in the SSO doc

Chad La Joie| Identity Management Architect
Covisint | Enabling information ecosystems.
m: 734.531.9087 | o: 313.227.6426
e: chad.lajoie@covisint.com | www.covisint.com

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