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Subject: Re: Okay to update file names to saml-x instead of sstc-saml-x ??

On 5/17/13 4:50 PM, "Paul Knight" <paul.knight@oasis-open.org> wrote:
>Is there any objection to modifying the file names to match the more
>modern style?

No, except...

>I note that the schema file for "channel-binding" contains a
>self-referential line in the "documentation" element:
>Document identifier: sstc-saml-channel-binding-ext-v1.0.xsd
>which would need to be modified in a future stage of publication.

I don't know what's involved in that. If it's a simple matter of adding a
comment to the request form for producing the eventual CS version, I have
no problem with that.

Since there are a ton of SAML specs all with different conventions, I'm
not sure how valuable the consistency really is now.

-- Scott

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