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Subject: Re: Okay to update file names to saml-x instead of sstc-saml-x ??

On 5/20/13 11:41 AM, "Paul Knight" <paul.knight@oasis-open.org> wrote:

>While the file name change could also be accomplished by going directly
>to a CS with "non-material changes", some reviewers might argue that
>changing the name of a schema file is not a "non-material change"...  and
>in any case it is likely that the TC will publish another CSD/CSPRD
>iteration before going to CS, and that would be a better time to make the

It's very unlikely here, actually, but it is definitely NOT a material
change to modify a schema filename. Anybody who thinks so is deeply
confused about how XSD schemas work and is probably writing software with
some security concerns in it (just FYI).

If it's not an onerous process to make the motion later include the
non-material change, we might do that.

>To summarize:  
>- What I'll do:  I'll plan to publish the prose document files for the
>two Work Products using the "modern" file naming (saml-x instead of
>sstc-saml-x), but will leave the schema file names unchanged - any change
>to the schema file names will
> be up to you and the TC in future publications.

Ok, thanks.

-- Scott

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