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Subject: FYI: The Java Identity Api - public review ongoing


The objective of this project is to define application programming interfaces and identity interaction models to facilitate the use and creation of identity by Java applications. To meet this objective, this specification defines a representation for identity in Java, an attribute service as a point of governance and interaction with identity, and an identity repository integration architecture in support of distributed sources of identity.

The identity representation is integrated with the Java security model and captures identity attributes as named, metadata qualified (e.g., issuer, validity period, usage constraints) representations of identity values. The attribute service is a protected service from which applications request interfaces to operate on the content of the integrated identity repositories. In addition to value based interactions with identity, and in support of privacy preserving exchange of identity, the attribute also service provides interfaces to obtain and operate on references to identity attributes. Above the interfaces provided by the attribute service, the specification also defines annotations and interceptor bindings that provide application developers with a simple means to cause identity attributes to be obtained or provided to the attribute service by an annotated application.

More information available at:

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