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Subject: Re: [security-services] Thematic Profiles

On 12/27/13, 8:10 AM, "La Joie, Chad" <Chad.LaJoie@covisint.com> wrote:

>Okay, so here is my first pass of identifying "themes" and what might go
>into them.
>Authentication: SSO, ECP, IdP Discovery, SP Request Init, intro to

Not necessarily in that order. We probably want to introduce AuthnContext

>Delegated Authn: mostly just exposition on how to do this, delegation
>restriction extension

I could see that going into the Authentication document, depending on

>Now, one question I have about this theme list, is whether
>"Authentication" is too broad.  Should we break it down into
>Browser-based SSO and Non-browser?  At their core, these aren't that
>different but conceptually they are pretty different and I think the
>implementation notes, in particular, are probably quite different.  So,
>to me, it feels like these should be separate docs.

Probably so. There's still, as always the question of how much to
duplicate vs. reference.

-- Scott

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