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Subject: New Templates for SAML 2.1

Okay, I heard back from Chet.  Since we haven't done a CSD yet, he suggested we just regen the docs with their new name and part numbers.

So, here's the current document templates we have today:
- Part 01: Overview
- Part 02: Assertions and Protocols
- Part 03: Bindings
- Part 04: Metadata
- Part 05: Authentication Context
- Part 06: Attribute Profile
- Part 07: Query/Request Profile
- Part 08: NameID Management Profile
- Part 09: Single Logout Profile
- Part 10: Discovery Profile
- Part 11: Single Sign-On Profile
- Part 12: Conformance Requirements
- Part 13: Glossary
- Part 14: Security and Privacy Considerations

First question: given our new focus on having these thematic documents be, in some regards, "the starting point", should they come immediately after the overview in our part list (actual titles to be determined later)?
- Part 01: Overview
- Part 02: Browser-based Authentication
- Part 03: Non-browser Authentication
- Part 04: Attribute Query and Exchange
- Part 05: Session Management
- Part 06: Account Management
- Part 07: Misc. Stuff We Kinda Wish We Could Remove (e.g., artifacts, assertion query) 
- Part 08: Assertions and Protocols
- Part 09: Bindings
- Part 10: Metadata

Second question: we discussed the possibility of rolling security considerations into the various thematic documents.  Do we still think that's a good idea?

Last question: we talked before about the general inadequacy of the conformance documentation.  Should we try and roll that in to the thematic documents?

Chad La Joie
Development Manager, Identity Services
covisint | Connect. Engage. Collaborate.
c 734.531.9087
chad.lajoie@covisint.com| covisint.com

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