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Subject: Notes fromr SSTC Telecon (19 January 2016)

Neither Chair was available for the call so Hal Lockhart acted as Chair.


1. Roll Call & Agenda Review.

Hal Lockhart               Oracle

Adam Cooper             United Kingdom Cabinet Office

Mert Aybat                 Connectis

Mohammad Jafari      Veterans Health Administration

Rainer Hörbe              Individual

Scott Cantor                Internet2


2. Need a volunteer to take minutes.

Rainer volunteered

3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s):


   - Minutes from 24 November 2015:



-   Minutes from 22 December 2015



no quorum, skipped



4. AIs & progress update on current work-items:

  (a) Current electronic ballots: None.

  (b) Status/notes regarding past ballots: None.


  (c) Protocol Extension work for 2.1

     - Any updates?


Mert reporting: Since October 2015 the document has been put into OASIS format. Comments were received from Scott Cantor and Adam Cooper. These will be considered in the next round. 


Scott volunteered to do editing wrt. metadata support for this extension. The document requires a conformance section to be a committee spec.


There has not been a talk about reconciling the namespaces in the NL and EU documents so far.



  (d) SAML 2.1 work:

      - SAML2.1 wiki:


      - Starter docs:


      - Martijn had indicated that he is interested to work on the 2.1 project.


Mert: We are still interested to do this work, but currently we do not have the capacity. You might wnat to remove the AI from the agenda, until we have resources to start this.


  (e) XSPA updates (Mohammad Jafari)

     - Any updates. 


Mohammad: group has been silent for some time, and the group has to be reconvened to start work again.


5. Assorted mail items:


6. Other items:



7. Next SSTC Call:

   - Tuesday 16 February 2016.





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