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Subject: RE: Next SSTC Telecon June 7th, 2016 --- RE: [security-services] Planning for future SSTC meetings & work-items

> Since I have not seen much discussion about reducing the frequency of SSTC
> meetings, I'd like to propose that we have our next SSTC meeting/telecon on
> Tuesday June 7th, 2016.  This is exactly 3 months from our last call on March
> 15th.
> We will not have a call today (as we have nothing new to report).

Ironically I do have something to share, though it doesn't require a call, so just FYI. If you're not aware of the token binding work at the IETF, it's worth a look. [1]

I believe all the federation protocols will need to adopt this work at some point, and one of my tasks will be to determine if this is already accounted for via my Channel Binding extension. I'm not sure it shouldn't actually be registered by IANA as an alternative TLS channel binding type, that's something I need to ask the kitten WG. Even if it's not formally a CB type, I think it should be transportable in SAML using that extension, just to avoid the need to create something new.

-- Scott

[1] https://tools.ietf.org/wg/tokbind/

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