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Subject: RE: [security-services] Question regarding namespace rules

> Scott, the OASIS specifications are indeed covered by our copyright. As
> needed, we can add an additional "portions copyright <organization>" to our
> Notices section to make clear that said org has rights as well.

Ah, ok. I hadn't seen it done, and to be honest, most of the SAML specs should have had that kind of thing in them. Knowing that's acceptable helps a lot.

> If OSU contributes the namespace, then the TC can use it in the spec. OSU
> keeps all its rights doing that - the contribution simply gives OASIS and the TC
> a non-exclusive right to use it in their spec. So really, it is, as you wrote, "just
> the right to reuse."

Yeah, that should be enough to get what I need, the work is already released into the public domain.

I'll do some remedial reading.

Thank you,
-- Scott

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