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Subject: Re: [security-services] Call for agenda items (SSTC Meeting 29 June 2021)

>    (nb.  Seeing that its summer, if there is no need for a meeting we can always cancel).

The only thing I would perhaps raise is that it might be a good idea for anybody on the list who's also representing an industry participant that's a SAML implementer to consider something.

If it becomes the case that the browsers change the rules such that SAML in its current form becomes impractical to use, what if anything are we prepared to do about it?

If the answer is "nothing", it's probably a good idea to make that clear to people.

As an agenda item, I guess I'm suggesting I think the SSTC has an obligation to raise that question and figure out a way to answer it. I don't think the answer itself matters as much as getting an answer.

-- Scott

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