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Subject: Use Case #1 - The Essential One?

After the decision the other day in the Use-Case group to merge requirements spec. of S2ML v0.8a
and AuthXML I have come to some conclusions.  Right or wrong :-)

I have now briefly read through the AuthXML draft v2 (written in *Word* BTW)
and it addresses as far as I can see essentially use case #1.  As does Shibboleth and Purple(tm).
My "gut feeling" is that 90% of all TC members really only care about this, and IMO it is rather
complex.  If I "owned" this project I would simply drop the other stuff.  Sorry for
being such a PITA...

What is not addressed by S2ML v0.8, Shibboleth and AuthXML is:
- Configuration issues
- Service Discovery (partial in Shibbeloth).  This is a part of XML-Protocol but as I
  am not a W3C member I have no access to any drafts.

I urge that these items are at least mentioned in the use case document.

Anders Rundgren

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