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security-use message

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Subject: Some candidate requirements

I'd like to offer up the following candidate requirements for the final
For the purposes of this exercise, I will call the final specification

By "attribute authority", I mean whatever is issuing the name assertion,
or responding to the AzRequest in S2ML

1. Online and offline authorities should be supported.
In most, if not all the scenarios I have seen widely discussed, there seems
be an assumption that the attribute authority is online and therefore
to a variety of entities (directly or indirectly). For particularly
sensitive cases, 
I think it would be better to have the authority offline (and therefore
harder to attack).

2. At least one of the protocol bindings should support secure firewall
Secure firewall traversal is one in which the inbound message is
authenticated and
authorized (using X-Auth). The reason for this, is that in many cases, the
authority that needs to respond to a request may be behind a firewall.

3. Signatures should be optional
If we mandate every message is signed, then this will be bad for performance
two sites need to exchange a lot of information. Alternatives such as the
parties establishing a secure session and periodically sending a signed hash
previously sent attributes should be allowed.

4. Metadata should be provided for denied requests
If a request for authorization is denied, optionally metadata indicating why
the request is denied should be returned. (An example might be "credit card
expired".) (As an aside, I believe this is already implicitly allowed by the
AzData element, because this can contain arbitrary element. I am suggesting 
it might be made an explicit element.)
Nigel Edwards <nigel_edwards@hp.com>

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