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Subject: RE: Use Cases & Requirements, Straw Man 1

I have another comment on a non-goal in Straw Man 1.
> No provision is made for protecting [OSSML] messages from interception
> by third parties. This is left up to the transport mechanism of choice
> between authorities.

If we are doing transport bindings for things like S/MIME, then this
non-goal may be too restrictive. I see from the minutes of the recent
bindings teleconference MIME is being considered. Does this include
S/MIME? Prateek, Jeff or others care to comment?

Also we should be able to use the work of the IETF/W3C encrypted XML
group to protect against interception by third parties. I guess it
depends on your viewpoint as to whether that is a transport mechanism
or not. I tend towards the view that it is not a transport mechanism,
but it is rather a grey area.


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