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security-use message

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Subject: Hi-level issues

Here is my current view of open issues, with a first cut at grouping them
for discussion/resolution.  This list is rough - I was asked on the call
yesterday to share some written notes on the concall so I tried to clean it
up a bit as I transcribed it.  I've attempted to capture the major areas
which need our attention.  The inclusive issue list will be ready with
Strawman #2.  That said, if there are any major issues that you feel I have
left out, please bring them to my attention.

Next to each issue, I've tried to capture the people who seem to be
interested or have relevant input.  If you would like to be added to an
issue, let me know that as well - I will do my best to make sure that you
are apprised of any meetings related to that issue.

Working Threads/Related Issues (in no meaningful order)

1. SSO Push/Pull Variations
	Shibboleth - How does it relate to SSO Use Cases 1 and 2? Anders, Hal,
BobM, BobB (Reqs. doc avail)
	How do we get SSO from Trusted 3rd Party AuthC service to website?
ARundgren post 1/27
	ARundgren's Push Variation posted 1/27
	Purple - How does it relate, what are additional requirements?

2. B2B Scenario Variations
	"one of the exchanges (exchange A) was inserting statements into the
documents as they flowed thru it." Nigel
	Add AuthN assertions. Nigel

3. Inclusion of Session in Standard - BBlakley, TMoses, Hal, Nigel

4. Security Service definition? PMisra,
	- Attribute Authority Behavior - Hal, Bob
	- "... concept is from S2ML, in which a user may allow a server to host its
private key for it.  The user is identified in the "credentials" element and
the server is identified in the "(key-)holder" element" TMoses

5. Permitted AuthC protocols Nigel, Hal,

6. "XML Protocol Binding"  vs. "SOAP Binding" - NEdwards

New Scenarios/Requirements
	Nigel has 2 (1/24 post)
	ITML-based UCs (Log-off, Timeout, Browser-based SSO,...) - David Orchard
	Phil Hallam-Baker's requirements - submitted 1/22

Refinement Suggestions:
	Nigel's 1/22 email. (several suggestions)
	Add AuthN assertions to Application Chain UC. Nigel

Terminology - Jeff Hodges

Attribution of Credit - Dave Orchard

Narrowing Scope - Anders' 1/20 email

That's the list.


Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
1 Embarcadero Center, Floor 5
San Francisco, CA 94111
tel - (415) 315-1529
fax - (415) 315-1545

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