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Subject: Re: Use Cases and Requirements -- Strawman Draft 2

Thanks for using interaction diagrams instead of the UML(?) dittos. Much nicer!

I have some objections to how user authentication is described.  IMO it is a process
consisting of an arbitrary number of steps.  The important thing is that it
(at least if we are talking web-browsers) ends in the client's browser as a success
or error page (or starts a new set of actions in the source-web that eventually
returns to the browser).   In the diagrams it seems to end in the source web-site. 

Regrding this phrase: "Web user requests resource from destination Web site, providing authentication reference",
I lack in the interaction diagram that this is an A2ML/OSSML object[it is?] and not just a plain vanilla HTTP GET URL.

Regarding the "Issues" document: I would not characterize the modified
Push an "AndersRundgren" thing [in spite of being flattering :-)] as I
believe that Shibboleth (another non-goal or issue?) is just a tiny (well..)

Anders Rundgren
The "Pusher" :-)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Evan Prodromou" <evan@outlook.net>
To: <security-use@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 08:04
Subject: Use Cases and Requirements -- Strawman Draft 2

> Attached is a copy of the 2nd straw man version of the use cases and
> requirements document. It has some fairly significant changes
> including the following:
> * Added set of high-level use cases to capture the
>   similarities between many of the scenarios. Maintained a
>   group of detailed use-case scenarios.
>         * Changed diagrams of detailed use case scenarios to use
>   interaction diagrams instead of use case diagrams.
>         * Added a description of each use-case scenario and list of
>           requirements flowing from the scenario.
>         * Added draft glossary (as link). Thanks, Jeff!
> * Added issues list (as link). Collected from Darren's
>           high-level list and re-formatted. As many issues as have
>           come up on 
> * Gave requirements labelled names for easier
>           reference.
> * Incorporated and merged requirements list from Core
>   Assertions subcommittee of Oasis Security Services
>   TC (by Philip Hallam-Baker).
>         * Corrected various editorial mistakes.
> By far, the most text and time have been put into the issues list, and
> I encourage people -- no, I BESEECH people B-) -- to check that list
> to make sure that 1) issues they have brought up have been addressed
> and 2) that the characterization of issues is clear, fair, and
> accurate.
> If I was to characterize the lifecycle of our output as a
> subcommittee, I'd say that we began with an outline and generated a
> large number of issues. I think that our next step, before the first
> draft that will go to the main TC, is to resolve these issues and
> squeeze them back into the main document, as best as possible.
> We've talked a bit about how to resolve issues on the list. One part
> is breaking up the issues into digestible chunks -- what the issues
> list is about -- and posting one email per issue to the list, for
> response.
> I think the next part we have to decide is how to -resolve-
> issues. Perhaps, using Robert's Rules, at some point in the discussion
> someone can make a motion that we vote on one or more of the potential
> resolutions for the issue, and we can use the evite voting system to
> close the items. Another possibility is that someone move that we have
> consensus and that we resolve the issue without a vote, unless there's
> an objection. (Crumb, looks like I need to read R's R again).
> Anyhow, I plan on posting emails for each issue this weekend, to meet
> the first requirement. I guess we can talk about resolution at the
> next concall.
> ~ESP

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