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Subject: Please submit comments on Straw 2 this week!

Just a reminder that this Friday is the deadline for submitting comments on
Strawman 2 and additional issues for inclusion in Strawman 3 - which is
scheduled to be the draft we submit to the TC before the F2F.  Please submit
all comments to the list.

In addition, if you have any comments or requirements related to issue
groups 1, 3, or 5, please submit them to the list ASAP.  We are currently
attempting at defining the requirements and arguments (both supporting and
dissenting) related to these issues so that we can submit them to a vote.
Check the list on Thursday for draft wording of the requirements and
arguments - you will have until end of day Friday to make sure your
additions are made to these arguments before they are put to a vote.

And another reminder - on yesterday's call we decided to have a regularly
scheduled call Wednesdays at 9AM PST.

Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
1 Embarcadero Center, Floor 5
San Francisco, CA 94111
tel - (415) 315-1529
fax - (415) 315-1545

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