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Subject: Straw Man 2 - Authorization Service

Use case 2: Authorization Service describes using [OSSML] as the protocol
between a policy enforcement point and a policy decision point.

This is a use case we're interested in; as we see it, in order to support
the other use cases within OSSML we would have 90% of a PEP-PDP protocol, so
we might as well go the rest of the way within OSSML rather than create a
separate protocol.

My point, and I do have one, is that unlike most of the other use cases this
one is expected to take place within the boundaries of a single organization
(or, perhaps, between an organization and an authorization service
provider). The sort of assertion we expect to see here is "Allow the person
described by this name assertion to read the URL
http://secrets.company.com/really-really-private/business-plan.html". Only
the most foolish of PEPs would act on an assertion like this that came from
anywhere other than its own trusted PDP.

I suggest that we add some text to the use case to make this clear.

Actually, now that I think of it, I have two points about this use case. I'd
like to propose a variant in which a single OSSML request-response between
the PEP and PDP can include more than one authorization request. This is
most interesting if we decide to include an authentication service within
OSSML. In this case, the PEP-PDP could include credentials that are expected
to result in a name assertion, and an authorization request for access to a
resource based on the result of the authentication.

 - irving -

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