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Subject: SSO Ballot

While reviewing the ballot for issue group 1, I realized that we may have
overstepped a bit by adding ISSUE[UC-2-01:AddPolicyAssertions] to the
ballot, as it belongs in issue group 2.  I should explain why we did that -
while reviewing the AuthZ issues, Evan and I came to the conclusion that
there were essentially three areas where AuthZ assertions were relevent -
the ones reflected in issues ISSUE[UC-1-08:AuthZAttrs],
ISSUE[UC-1-09:AuthZDecisions], and ISSUE[UC-2-01:AddPolicyAssertions].  So
we drafted up some text for that issue too and added to the ballot, even
though it was from another group.

Upon further consideration, I think that the last issue is best decided in
the context of other decisions related to group 2, and I will therefore
remove that issue from the Issue Group 1 ballot.  I instead offer the text
to Prateek and Zahid who have volunteered to champion issue group 2.



Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
1 Embarcadero Center, Floor 5
San Francisco, CA 94111
tel - (415) 315-1529
fax - (415) 315-1545

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