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Subject: Re: Issue Group 5 BALLOT

Darren Platt wrote:
> I think the right thing to do here is to process the votes and proceed with
> the voted actions.  

I agree.

> We could then capture people's comments in the issues
> doc in a section for each issue called something like 'Ballot Comments',
> attributing the comments to the people who make them.


> What will happen is that while people are thinking these isses through in
> order to vote, they will come up with more detail that they will want to
> capture about a requirement, and need a place to put it.  I think that we
> shouldn't lose this detail, but instead capture it.


> I don't think everyone's comments were intended this way, though, so perhaps
> what we should do is ask that people are clear about what they would like to
> happen when they make a comment - to have it noted on the issue list,
> whether it should be directly attributed to them, to open a new issue, or
> simply to have everyone know where they stand.

Ok, I'll see about clarifying my comments. 



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